Valgard Capital Partners, LLC., professionals bring diverse and unique backgrounds to benefit our clients. We combine our strengths to provide you with just the right mix of knowledge and practical experience needed to create value.

Below are some examples of what our team will bring to your transaction:

  • Successful entrepreneurial track record prior to joining Valgard Capital
  • Principals have been on the buy/sell side of their own companies in the past which gives them excellent experience to help you through the process
  • Valgard clearly understands the mechanical and emotional issues involved when selling your business, having been through the same process for our own businesses
  • Members of our team have been business owners with experience in numerous industries, as well as having senior management backgrounds in venture capital, sales, finance, marketing and operations
  • Because of our diverse educations, backgrounds and disciplines, we understand the challenges and opportunities you face as an owner and executive
  • Our team has experience in running both private and public companies